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PAL Microlinea Series 3 system solution-American Financial project

Challenge: Provide the longest, most intricate line of unbroken, energy-efficient illumination available.

On July 31, 2014 PAL received a concept layout from Ziegler Cooper Architects for a project named American Financial in The Woodlands, Texas. The unique design was for a working office, with a narrow window for completion. PAL responded with a proposal addressing feasibility and budget information.


Ziegler Cooper Original PlanThe project concept was to include two floors of an intricate unbroken line of suspended/surface-mount architectural-grade lighting. The total two-floor layout ran a combined 1600 ft., involving 150 corners with 33 discrete angles and no break whatsoever in the line of light.


PAL Revised PlanDesign meetings ensued with Ziegler Cooper in early August. The chosen solution was Microlinea Series 3 LED. Photometrics revealed that some angles needed to change in order to spread light more evenly throughout the space. To maintain the integrity of the design, PAL proposed a simplified layout that reduced the number of corners and provided a realistic budget.


PAL Lighting project photo.

By the end of August, Ziegler Cooper had approved the new layout and project budget. PAL engineering immediately began drafting and engineering the revised layout, adding such requested details as emergency battery backups, Microlinea Series 3 Wall Wash LED and Microlinea Series 3 Recessed fixtures. The month of September was spent submitting working engineering drawings and making revisions as minor adjustments occurred. At this time, the proposed move-in date was 118 days out.


PAL and designers work to improve the project.

Given the complexity of this project, PAL brought the installing project manager to the PAL factory to review such details as desired power drops, lighting control zones, installation strategy and shipping logistics. The first round of submittal drawings were then reviewed in mid-October, with the move-in date approaching 90 days.

Corner Fixture Inset (click to enlarge):

Corner Fixture Inset


3990 81R5595

After minor changes were addressed, final drawing approval was received on Nov. 17. These changes, along with inevitable holiday delays, necessitated a change in the move-in date, from Jan. 31 to Feb. 20. All non-pattern fixtures were delivered on Dec. 17, and all custom patterns were delivered by January 21, 2015, and completely installed by Jan. 30. Walk-throughs done with the client and architect met with approval for an installation that is arguably the most intricate continuous line of light in use in the U.S.


  • Ziegler Cooper Architects (architect)
  • DBR Engineering Consultants (engineer)
  • A&H Electric (electrical contractor)
  • Lighting Associates, Inc. (sales associate)


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How can we help with your next project?

How can we help with your next project?